Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Foundation for Roanoke Valley Announces Grant to Franklin County YMCA

Foundation for Roanoke Valley announced today it has awarded $17,720 to the Franklin County YMCA to support the organization’s Senior Advantage Program.  The grant comes from the Foundation’s Mary Louise Home Fund, which primarily supports and cares for elderly residents of the Roanoke Valley.  The grant funds will be used for a number of programs specifically available for older adults.

Jim Currie, YMCA CEO, noted, “Foundation for Roanoke Valley's award of this grant is the next step in the turnaround of the Franklin County YMCA.  The Foundation's trust and investment in our work is further confirmation that our programs are crucial in Franklin County and to the seniors we serve through our Senior Health Advantage Program.  Due to the tremendous growth in the population of seniors in our area, this grant from the Mary Louise Home Fund will help us meet the ever-increasing health needs of our community."

 “One of the Foundation’s primary interest areas within our Basic Human Needs focus is promoting healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and fitness.  We felt that the Mary Louise Home Fund was a perfect fit with helping the older adults of Franklin County stay healthy and active,” added Alan Ronk, Foundation Executive Director.

Foundation for Roanoke Valley is the community foundation serving this region.  The Foundation has worked for over 25 years to administer and make grants from hundreds of named endowment funds on behalf of the community.  For more information, visit Foundation for Roanoke Valley’s website at www.foundationforroanokevalley.org or call 985-0204.

Pictured L to R: Michelle Eberly, FRV Program Officer; Jim Currie, YMCA CEO; and Pam Turman, YMCA Director of Fitness

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